We invite all Tumblristas to come and enjoy our Special T.R.E.A.T on July 14, 20122 p.m. at the Robinsons Place Manila Atrium (Midtown Wing).

  • Tying-up and partnering where you can network & do business with more than 50 EXHIBITORS from the North Philippines promoting their products, services, and destinations. Discover Clark’s connection all over & to the world! More opportunities for travel are waiting for you!
  • Raffle draws every hour with a chance to win items, gadgets and travel gift certificates. Also, renew your resources and relationships with the travel industry while winning the raffle.
  • Explore, Engage, and Enterprise! Grab BIG DISCOUNTS on Air Tickets, Hotels, Resorts, & Tours. Expand your partnership to tour operators, ground handlers, and Low Cost Carriers (LCC).
  • Academe Day on 14 July we are honoring bloggers, students and academe members as a very important sector in relation to Educational Tourism. Acknowledgement of your contribution in domestic tourism as well as international travel will be announced.
  • Target your future destinations to visit like North Philippines! The choice is now as you come face to face with all our stake holders of the tourism industry to guide and support you in all your travel undertakings. 

The following are the prizes we are giving-away for the Tara Na Sa Norte Tumblr Meetup

  • Free entrance to Zoobic Safari for two
  • Free overnight stay at Residence Inn Tagaytay for two
  • Free overnight stay at Zoobic Safari for two
  • Free overnight stay at Azalea Residences Baguio for two

If you have questions, kindly TA darwinpogi or beben.
Use TaraNaSaNorte as the official tag for this meetup.


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