If you have to fight, punch first and punch hard.
It’s not enough to be proud of your ancestry; live up to it.

What a surprising box full of nice things that I really need. Thanks aunt Ruth and uncle William for these goodies straight from Hawaii! :)

Just want to share my breakfast this morning
An authentic and usual Filipino breakfast.
A slice of maling or spam, sunny-side-up egg, tuyo or dried salted fish, and tsokolate tableya or native chocolate drink. Yumm!

Last weekend at ToyCon Philippines 2014
backstage photo of miss Nicole Alexandria cosplaying as Elena (from Streetfighter) 
Credits to the person who took this photo

Band-aid solution for a fucked up relationship.

That’s what I ate earlier for dinner.  Yeah, I eat a lot.

Ever lovely Anna Patricia Asabam
redits to the photographer

The Kakaibabe her self,  ms.Donnalyn Bartolome
credits to the photographer

Ryza Cenon
credits to the photographer

Rainy morning drive…

Breakfast, my favorite part of the day! Good morning! :)

Hello, Switzerland! :)

I had a chance to taste a little bit of heaven last tuesday. I don’t know why but for me, it was priceless.
It was something cool and out of the ordinary.
Her eyes, her cheeks, her laugh, her innocence…
There’s something on her smile that has numinous effect on me.
She’s so simple and yet so special.
Maybe I was just sad and wanted someone to talk to that day or she just wanted to have some company. But the timing was impeccable and the feeling for me was so real.
For a moment I felt like I’m alive again after months of being inexistent.

There was a quote in the movie that we saw that day that says, “There are infinities bigger than other infinities.” The moment I heard that, I wanted to thank her right there, ‘coz she was just right there next to me! But I was speechless and chose to enjoy that infinity. 
#TFIOS — with Chin Tarray.

Second day of Baguio tour with my cousinsLloyd Esquejo and Ar Kev

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